Car insurance for people who have been declared bankrupt or with other financial difficulties

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Available cover includes:

  • Comprehensive, Third Party Fire & Theft or Third Party Only
  • UK and European Insurance Cover
  • Fair prices that match your circumstances
  • Monthly payment options
  • Instant insurance documents available

A guide to car insurance for those who have been declared bankrupt

Being declared bankrupt can affect you in a number of ways, from not being able to hold a regular bank account, to finding car insurance at a competitive rate.

When you apply for car insurance online, insurance providers will take into account factors such as your age, the value of your vehicle and the level of cover you need when providing you with a quote. If you have been declared bankrupt, you will be considered higher risk and this will be reflected the price.  Bankruptcy will usually stay on your credit report for 10 years, so even if you don’t declare it, insurance providers will know.

Other financial issues that can affect the price of car insurance

  • Individual Voluntary Agreements (IVA) – IVAs are a way to ensure you only pay creditors what you can afford to pay, after your living expenses. It also ensures you can’t be charged any additional fees or interest for the duration of the agreement. Unfortunately IVAs do impact your credit score negatively and this means you can expect to pay a higher rate for car insurance
  • Debt Relief Orders (DRO) – Debt Relief Orders allow you to have your debt written off completely. They are only eligible for people with less than £15,000 total debt and few assets. As you would imagine, DROs also affect your credit score in a negative way

Why you need car insurance from a specialist provider

Specialist insurance providers will take a much more personalised approach and look at your unique circumstances before giving a quote.

As well as making it difficult to get credit again, being declared bankrupt means you will find it harder to get affordable car insurance. Convicted Drivers Insurance doesn’t believe in penalising people because of their  past financial difficulties.

We specialise in car insurance for drivers who have been declared bankrupt, looking at each case individually to offer you a comprehensive range of bankrupt car insurance policies, finding the right policy for you, at a good price.

Get your quotes now

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Benefits of bankruptcy car insurance

  • Highly tailored policies – a rise in financial crime in recent years means more people are being declared bankrupt than ever before. Every individual case is different. The specialist insurance panel tailors its policies at affordable prices to find a bankrupt car insurance policy that is right for you
  • Compare bankruptcy car insurance quotes easily – you will receive multiple car insurance quotes, together with the benefits of each, allowing you to compare them all and decide on the right policy for you, quickly and easily
  • Save time and money on bankruptcy car insurance  – searching for a specialist insurance policy doesn’t have to take hours in front of a computer screen. The 30-second form is easy to complete, with the quotes arriving instantly, covering all types of insurance. So you can be done and dusted in minutes
  • Flexible payment options for bankrupt people – if you have been declared bankrupt, the last thing you want is to have to pay for your car insurance in one lump sum. We offer multiple payment options on all our bankrupt car insurance policies to make life easier for you
  • Instant documentation – once you have applied for your specialist policy you can relax in the knowledge that as soon as you have paid, you will receive your documents. It’s that quick
  • Quick and easy claims process – nobody likes making a claim on their car insurance and when it comes to specialist policies, the process can sometimes feel like jumping through hoops. Not with Convicted Drivers Insurance, where you will have full support throughout the claims procedure