Car Insurance for People Who’ve Been Declared Bankrupt or With Other Financial Difficulties

Car Insurance for People with Convictions

If you have been declared bankrupt and want to get car insurance quotes at great prices then look no further. Just click the green button to get started now!

Available cover includes:

  • Comprehensive, Third Party Fire & Theft or Third Party Only
  • UK and European Insurance Cover
  • Fair Prices That Match Your Circumstances
  • Monthly payment options
  • Instant insurance documents available

A guide to car insurance for those who have been declared bankrupt

If you’ve been declared bankrupt then it can affect you in a number of ways. For example, you will not be able to have a regular bank account where you can pay direct debits and receive salary payments. Another area where bankruptcy can affect you is when trying to get car insurance at a competitive rate.

When you apply for car insurance online, insurance providers will take factors such as your age, the value of vehicle and the level of cover you need into account when providing you with a quote. If you have been declared bankrupt then you’ll be considered higher risk and this will be reflected in the price you’re quoted.  Bankruptcy will usually stay on your credit report for ten years, so even if you don’t declare it, insurance providers will know.

Other financial issues that can affect the price of car insurance

  • Individual Voluntary Agreements (IVA) - IVAs are a way to ensure that you only pay creditors what you can afford to pay, after your living expenses. It also ensures that you cannot be charged any additional fees or interest for the duration of the agreement. Unfortunately IVAs do impact your credit score negatively and this means you can expect to pay a higher rate for car insurance.
  • Debt Relief Orders (DRO) - Debt Relief Orders allow you to have your debt written off completely, however only those with less than £15,000 of total debt and with very few assets are eligible. As you would imagine, DROs also affect your credit score in a negative way.

The benefits of getting car insurance from a specialist provider

If you’re looking for car insurance at a competitive rate then the best option by far is to get quotes from specialist providers. Specialist insurance providers will take a much more personalised approach and look at your unique circumstances before giving a price. Some of other benefits of getting insurance from a specialist provider include –

  • Fair prices that are tailored to your circumstances
  • Any level of cover you need
  • UK and European cover
  • Flexible payment options
  • Instant documentation
  • Full support

Get quotes quickly and easily

If you’d like to get quotes from a panel of car insurance providers who specialise in cover for people with financial difficulties then you’re in the right place. All you have to do is click the green button below and you can have access to your quotes within minutes! Get started now!

If you have been declared bankrupt it will not only prove difficult to get credit again but also insurance. One area many never think of is that of car insurance and how expensive that could become once you are bankrupt. Thankfully, we are a company who does not believe in penalise somebody due to past financial difficulties and we offer the most comprehensive range of bankrupt car insurance policies you will find anywhere online.

Why you need it?

You cannot drive a car without insurance, simple as that, and if you find yourself no longer able to afford your previous insurance due to your bankruptcy then you should never be tempted to take to the roads.

Why we’re the best

We specialise in car insurance for those drivers who have been declared bankrupt and as we look at each case individually we are able to offer you the best policies at the best prices anywhere online.

Benefits Bankrupt Car Insurance

        • Highly tailored policies

Due to financial clime over the past few years more people have been declared bankrupt than ever before. We are all too aware of the fact that every case is as different as the individual needs of our customers. We create highly tailored and affordable policies that make your bankrupt car insurance more accessible than you would have ever thought.

  • Compare Bankruptcy Car Insurance Quotes easily

You will be surprised at the amount of specialist bankrupt car insurance policies we have to offer our clients and how easy it is to compare those quotes. A list of all quotes, accompanied by benefits, on one screen for you to scroll down through. Simple yet effective.

  • Save time and money on Bankruptcy Car Insurance

Tracking down specialist car insurances can be extremely time consuming but we have gone all out to make sure that simply isn’t the case when you come to us. A super quick set of questions, which take only 30 seconds to answer, is all we need to provide you with a list of quotes to compare. There is nobody better than us to save you both time and money.

  • Multiple payment options for Car Insurance for Bankrupt People

If you have been declared bankrupt then the last thing you need is to be told you have to pay for your insurance in one lump. We offer multiple payment options on all our bankrupt car insurance policies to make one of life’s essentials easier on the pocket.

  • Instant documentation

You won’t be hanging about checking your email inbox every couple of minutes when you buy your policy from us. Once you have made your initial payment online you will receive your documents within seconds. We know how many people only truly relax once they have their documents in their possession and we get them to you as quickly as possible every time.

  • Quick and easy claims process

Making a claim on your bankrupt car insurance can be a nightmare depending on which company you deal with. You have had enough hassle recently without being given the third degree if you have to make a claim and there is nobody makes the entire process as quick and easy as we do.