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Car Insurance for People with Convictions

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Available cover includes:

  • Comprehensive, Third Party Fire & Theft or Third Party Only
  • UK and European Insurance Cover
  • Fair prices that match your circumstances
  • Monthly payment options
  • Instant insurance documents available

A guide to car insurance for people with motoring convictions

Having a motoring conviction can make getting car insurance more difficult. It’s not unusual for mainstream insurance providers to turn people with driving convictions down, and even if they accept you, the price you’re quoted for convicted driver insurance is often unfairly high.

Why do motoring convictions affect the price I pay for insurance?

Having motoring convictions can affect the price of your car insurance because insurance providers view you as higher risk. When calculating the cost of a policy, insurance providers use a range of factors to assess how likely you are to make a claim. These include your age, how you use your car and your driving history, including any motoring convictions.

How long do motoring convictions stay on my licence?

The amount of time a conviction stays on your licence varies – from four years to 11 for more serious convictions. See a full list of the driving conviction codes, the number of penalty points they carry and how long they stay on your licence here.

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Highly tailored Convicted Driver Insurance

The number and range of convictions means there is no one size fits all car insurance policy for convicted drivers. Driving under the influence of drink or drugs, speeding, careless driving, causing an accident, all incur different penalties so should be treated individually when it comes to insurance policies. The panel looks at each individual case to create highly tailored policies to suit your situation.

Benefits of getting Convicted Driver Insurance cover from a specialist provider

When you have a driving conviction, by far the best option is to get your car insurance from a specialist provider that provides car insurance for convicted drivers. Benefits include:


  • Highly tailored policies – your quotes will be tailored to you, taking into account your conviction and individual circumstances. Every individual case is different. The specialist insurance panel tailors its policies at affordable prices to find a convicted driver car insurance policy that is right for you
  • Compare convicted drivers car insurance quotes easily – you will receive multiple car insurance quotes, together with the benefits of each, allowing you to compare them all and decide on the right policy for you, without the hassle
  • Save time and money on convicted drivers car insurance  – searching for a specialist insurance policy doesn’t have to take hours in front of a computer screen. The 30-second form is easy to complete, with the quotes arriving instantly, covering all types of insurance. So you can be done and dusted in minutes
  • Flexible payment options people with convictions – Having a conviction can affect your finances, so paying for your car insurance in a lump sum may now be out of reach. We offer multiple payment options on all our convicted car insurance policies so you can spread the cost, taking pressure off you and your wallet
  • Instant documentation for Convicted Drivers Insurance – waiting weeks for your documentation to arrive by post is a thing of the past. Convicted Drivers Insurance will email you your documentation within minutes of you applying and paying for your specialist policy. So you can get back on the road more quickly
  • Quick and easy claims process – nobody likes making a claim on their car insurance and when it comes to specialist policies, the process can sometimes feel like a real drama. Not with Convicted Drivers Insurance, where you can relax in the knowledge that your claim will be handled quickly and easy, with full support throughout the claims procedure