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Car Insurance for People with Convictions

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Available cover includes:

  • Comprehensive, Third Party Fire & Theft or Third Party Only
  • UK and European Insurance Cover
  • Fair Prices That Match Your Circumstances
  • Monthly payment options
  • Instant insurance documents available

A guide to car insurance for people with motoring convictions

If you have a motoring conviction then it can make getting car insurance for convicted drivers that much more difficult. It’s not unusual for mainstream insurance providers to turn people with driving convictions down, and even if they accept you, the price you’re quoted for convicted driver insurance is often unfairly high.

Why do motoring convictions affect the price I pay for insurance?

The reason that motoring convictions affect the price of your car insurance is because insurance providers will view you as a greater risk - one of the issues of car insurance for convicted drivers. When calculating the cost of a policy, insurance providers use a range of factors to assess how likely you are to make a claim. These include your age, how you use your car and your driving history, including any motoring convictions.

How long do motoring convictions stay on my licence?

The amount of time that a conviction stays on your licence varies. Convictions can either remain on your licence for 4 years or 11 years. More serious convictions take 11 years to clear. You can see a full list of the driving conviction codes as well as how many penalty points they carry and how long they stay on your licence here.

The benefits of getting Convicted Driver Insurance cover from a specialist provider

When you have a driving conviction then by far the best option is to your car insurance from a specialist provider that provides car insurance for convicted drivers. Below are some of the benefits that online car insurance specialists provide –

  • A fair quote that’s based on the number and severity of convictions you have
  • Any type of cover including fully comprehensive, third party, third party, fire & theft
  • UK & European cover
  • Breakdown assistance
  • Flexible payment options
  • Instant documentation
  • Full support

Get your quotes now for Convicted Drivers Insurance

If you want to get quotes from a panel of car insurance specialist who offer cover to people with motoring convictions then you’re in the right place. Simply click the red button below and after providing some required information, you’ll then have access to your quotes.

Convicted Driver Insurance insurance

Getting your licence back after any kind of driving conviction can be pretty exciting, until you discover the effect your misdemeanour has had on the cost of your insurance. It isn’t only driving convictions that can have a bearing on insurance, a criminal conviction  can also send your  insurance premium soaring. So what’s the best way to go if you are trying to find reasonably priced insurance for convicted drivers? You pay us a visit that’s what!

Highly Tailored Convicted Driver Insurance

There are so many different kinds of convictions that there is no way you can do a one size fits all policy. Driving under the influence of drink or drugs, speeding, careless driving, causing an accident, these all incur different penalties so should be treat individually when it comes to insurance policies. We look at each individual case to create highly tailored policies which are prevalent to your situation and nobody else’s.

Compare insurance quotes for convicted drivers for easily

Even those who aren’t particularly tech savvy and aren’t a fan of insurance comparison sites have sung the praises of ours. The list of companies that fit your criteria arrive on your screen almost instantly and you can scan down them to see which best suits your budget. This is how all comparison sites should work and we are proud of the way ours operates.

Save time and money looking for Convicted Driver Auto Insurance

If driving is part of your job and you need to get your insurance sorted as soon as possible then you don’t want to be spending hours trawling the net to try and find the best price possible for your insurance. Our questions take only 30 seconds to answer and the results that appear on the screen are based on those answers. We aim to save you both time and money, an unbeatable combination in anyone’s book.

Multiple payment options for convicted driver car cover and insurance

Even if you always paid your insurance in a lump sum in the past the increase in cost due to your conviction may have put this out of your reach financially. Multiple payment options are available on all our insurance for convicted driver policies which allows you to spread the cost over the year and make it much easier on your pocket.

Instant documentation for Convicted Drivers Insurance

Remember the good old days when insurance was done via the post and you were sitting waiting for your policy or cover note dropping through the letterbox? Thanks to our so called digital age that is now a thing of the past but for some reason some comparison sites still take an age to send through documents. We take pride in getting yours to you literally as soon as possible via email. In other words you look, you buy, your documents arrive; simple.

Quick and easy claims process on our car insurance for convicted drivers

There are no dramas when it comes to making a claim on your insurance for convicted drivers, just a straightforward process that is taken care of quickly and easily thanks to our professional team. This isn’t a pleasant experience at the best of times so we are certainly not going to add to your woes by being difficult.