Car Insurance for People with Criminal Convictions

Car Insurance for People with Convictions

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Car insurance for people with criminal convictions

If you have a criminal conviction on your record then it can affect your life in many ways. One of the first things that people with criminal convictions worry about is how it’s going to affect them finding work. This is certainly understandable but it’s not the only area where having a conviction affects you. Criminal convictions can also make it difficult to find car insurance at a competitive rate…that is if you don’t get about it in the right way. Our convicted drivers insurance is here to help.

Why do criminal convictions affect the price of car insurance?

The reason that criminal convictions affect the price of car insurance is because insurance providers will consider you to be a “high risk” person. When calculating the cost of an insurance policy, they’ll not only consider how likely you are to make a claim but also how likely you are to keep payments up.

When you have a criminal conviction, you might not necessarily pose any more risk to insurance providers but unless they look closely at your circumstances, you can find yourself paying at unfair rate.

Do you always have to declare criminal convictions?

With criminal convictions, you’re only obligated to inform insurance providers when they’re unspent. Nearly all convictions become spent after a certain amount of time and when they do, you’re no longer obligated to declare them even if you’re asked about it specifically. The amount of time needed before convictions become spent will depend on the severity of the crime. For example convictions that carry a jail sentence take longer to become spent when compared to something relatively minor such as fare dodging.

The benefits of getting car insurance from a specialist provider

  • Your individual circumstances are taken into account
  • Fair prices that are based on the severity of your conviction
  • All types of insurance available
  • Flexible payment options
  • Get the best price available
  • Full support

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Check Out our Drink Driving and  Insurance for Convicted Drivers

There are all manner of criminal convictions which can have a detrimental effect on the cost of your car insurance. DUI, speeding, reckless driving, the list goes on and on. If you have been convicted of any motoring offence, immaterial if you have got your licence back or not, that conviction will be on your drivers record and can have a massive impact on the cost of your insurance. If this is you then you need to check out what the panel can offer in the way of car insurance for people with criminal convictions.

Why you need a Convicted Driver Insurance Policies

If you have a conviction on your record you need specialist car insurance for people with criminal convictions as if you get an ordinary policy without declaring your conviction it will not be valid and if you get caught or have to make a claim you are liable to a hefty fine and possibly a prison sentence. The panel of insurance providers also provide cheap van insurance for convicted drivers.

Why we’re the best at Conviction and Car Insurance for Drink Drivers

The panel of insurance providers are specialists in car insurance for people with criminal convictions and look at the bigger picture rather than tarring all customers with the same brush. You may have had a valid reason for breaking the law but nevertheless the fact you did break it has brought about this conviction. The panel of insurance providers treat their customers as individuals and the many customers have who have bought car insurance for people with criminal convictions really appreciate this.

Benefits of convicted drivers insurance

  • Highly tailored policies - perfect for insurance for convicted drivers - every motoring offence is different and has its own story. The specialist insurance panel tailor a policy to suit every individual and their personal circumstances and never turn out one size fits all policies.
  • Compare quotes easily on insurance for convicted drivers – You will get several quotes back for your car insurance for people with criminal convictions and we have simplified the process greatly so you can decide quickly and easily.
  • Save time and money on finding drink driving insurance – Just because you are searching for a specialist insurance policy does not mean you should be spending many stressful hours in front of a computer screen. The questions take 30 seconds, the quotes are there almost instantly and you can be all done and dusted within minutes.
  • Multiple payment options for drink driving insurance – Every policy we offer comes with multiple payment options allowing you to pay the best way for you personally.
  • Instant documentation – When applying for such a specialist policy as car insurance for people with criminal convictions you may not relax completely until you have received your documents. Once you have paid you will receive them, it really is that quick.
  • Quick and easy claims process with insurance for convicted drivers - nobody likes making a claim on their car insurance at the best of times but when it comes to specialist policies some companies make it a veritable obstacle course. The glowing testimonies on the simplicity of the claims procedure from many satisfied clients are all we need to know we are getting it right.