Drink Driving Car Insurance (DR10, DR20, DR30, DR31, DR61, DR40, DR50, DR60, DR70)

Drink Driving Car Insurance (DR10, DR20, DR30, DR31, DR61, DR40, DR50, DR60, DR70)

Getting drunk driving car insurance couldn’t be easier

With an unspent drink driving conviction you can expect to pay more but it doesn’t mean finding cover will be impossible. The panel of specialist drink driving insurance providers can help.

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Drink driving car insurance - everything you need to know

It is illegal in the UK to drive a motor vehicle when you’re unfit to do so because of drugs, whether they’re legal or illegal. It is your responsibility as a driver to make sure that you’re not over the legal limit for drugs, including alcohol.

Quick Start Guide

  • Be sure to declare any unspent drink driving convictions when looking for drink driving car insurance
  • Find out if your conviction is spent or unspent by using the Unlock Disclosure Calculator
  • A drink driving conviction will affect how much you pay for car insurance
  • Get as many quotes as possible if you want to get the best price for your insurance
  • Take any steps you can to lower the cost of your cover, including making your car secure

Car insurance with a DR10 conviction

DR10 – Driving or attempting to drive with alcohol level above limit, is by far the most common type of driving conviction related to drugs or alcohol. There are many types of convictions that are related to drinking, for example you might be unfit to drive because of drinking but are not over the limit; or you might be clearly intoxicated and refuse to be breath tested. A DR10 is specifically for people who drive, or attempt to drive, when their alcohol level is shown to be above the safe limit. We also have a dedicated drug driving insurance page. You can get DR10 car insurance from the insurance providers on the panel also.

If you are given a DR10 driving licence endorsement then this is classed as a conviction. The rehabilitation time for endorsements is 5 years. Until those 5 years are spent then you must declare all of your convictions to your insurer and usually your employer. Unfortunately, this conviction can make life a whole lot trickier for you. After you’ve been found guilty you face a minimum disqualification time of 12 months, but this could be longer depending on how far over the limit you were.

What punishments will I face?

You will probably have received a fine which will been based on 1.5 weeks of your net earnings and if your alcohol reading was above a certain level you may also have been given a community order. For a really serious conviction you may be sent to prison or face losing your job. If you were planning on foreign travel you may find you suddenly have a problem as countries such as the USA, Canada and Australia may place restrictions on your entry if you have a drink driving conviction.

Getting help

The biggest problem you face if you want to be able to drive again is getting yourself insured. Here are some helpful tips to bring down your drink driving insurance premiums following a conviction:

  • If you have the opportunity to attend a drink driving rehabilitation course, do so. Attendance can reduce your DR10 insurance premiums and even decrease the length of your driving ban by up to 25%
  • Learn from your past mistakes, re offence will bring harsher penalties
  • Look online for the best insurance deals rather than seeking a broker.
  • Limit your cover to specific named drivers rather than making your insurance available to any driver of your car
  • Limit your annual mileage, the fewer miles you cover the less chance there is of you having an accident
  • Increase your vehicle security to make your car a safer bet for insurers
  • Choosing a secure location, a locked garage or at the very least a driveway, will bring down your premiums
  • Accept a higher voluntary excess to bring down your annual cost

Seeking an insurance policy following a DR10 conviction can be really disheartening as prices can be double what they were before your endorsement, however, be assured that there are companies out there who will offer competitive prices and you may not have to pay as much as you think.

Get car insurance quotes with a DR20 conviction

Another common type of drink conviction is DR20 - driving or attempting to drive while unfit through drink. The difference between a DR10 and DR20 might not be immediately clear. With a DR10, your blood alcohol level is over the legal limit, however with a DR20 you don’t need to be over the legal limit in order to be charged. Click the quote button on this page to get quotes for a DR20 conviction now.

Did you know…?

Getting cover from drink driving conviction car insurance specialists is a great way to save money

Drink driving car insurance FAQ

Do I have to declare my conviction?

Whether you’re obligated to inform insurance providers about your drink driving conviction will depend on whether it’s spent or unspent. Under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974, convictions become spent after a certain amount of time. This simple means that you’re no longer obligated to declare them to employers, insurance providers etc. The amount of time before a conviction is spent will depend on the severity of the punishment you received as a result.

Although you’re not technically obligated to declare unspent drink driving convictions to insurance providers if you’re not asked about it, it could result in your cover being voided if you needed to make a claim and this was discovered later.

Why does a drink driving conviction affect the cost of car insurance?

The simple reason that a drink driving conviction affects the cost of car insurance is simply because people with convictions are considered to be higher risk, even if the conviction isn’t driving-related. Even if you know you’re very unlikely to get another conviction, the fact remains that people who already have a conviction are more likely to have another one compared to people who do do not have any.  Car insurance for drink drivers is therefore more expensive.

How much will cover cost?

The cost of a drink driving car insurance policy is dependent on a few important factors. The main ones being –

  • Your age - Your age is always an important factor that insurance providers take into account. Drivers who are under 25 are considered to be higher risk by insurers since they’re statistically more likely to be involved in a collision that requires a claim. If you have a conviction and are under 25 then unfortunately this is 2 strikes against you.
  • How serious your conviction was - The severity of your drink driving conviction will also affect how much you pay for cover. For example if you were many times over the limit and your actions resulted in the death or serious injury of any person then you can expect to pay more than somebody who was only just over the limit.
  • The value of your car - The value of the car you’re insuring will certainly affect the cost of your policy too.
  • Where you park your car – Where your car is kept when it’s not in use is certainly a big factor that will impact the cost of your car insurance. Ideally you would have a locked garage or secure driveway to park your car in since cars parked on the road are at much more risk of theft and vandalism.
Did you know…?

The are two types of convictions - spent and unspent. Once a conviction is spent you’re no longer obligated to inform insurance providers.

Knowing the amount of drink you’re able to have before being over the UK drink driving limit is certainly useful when you want to avoid getting a drink driving conviction. Also making sure that you prepare for any meals/nights out where you know alcohol will be involved in an advance is a great idea, whether you need to order a taxi or have a designated driver.

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If you’ve been convicted of an offence related to drink or drugs then you could find it very difficult to obtain a fair insurance quote from a mainstream provider.

Drink Driving Motoring Conviction Codes

DR10 Driving or attempting to drive with alcohol level above limit 3-11
DR20 Driving or attempting to drive while unfit through drink 3-11
DR30 Driving or attempting to drive then failing to supply a specimen for analysis 3-11
DR31 Driving or attempting to drive then refusing to give permission for analysis of a blood sample that was taken without consent due to incapacity 3-11
DR61 Refusing to give permission for analysis of a blood sample that was taken without consent due to incapacity in circumstances other than driving or attempting to drive 10
Offences DR40 to DR70 will stay on your driving licence for 4 years from the date of the offence
DR40 –  In charge of a vehicle while alcohol level above limit 10
DR50  In charge of a vehicle while unfit through drink 10
DR60 Failure to provide a specimen for analysis in circumstances other than driving or attempting to drive 10
DR70 Failing to provide specimen for breath test 4

Cheap car insurance for drink drivers

If you have a DR10 conviction or any of the other DR convictions listed above then you might be concerned you won’t be able to get cover for a reasonable price. However the panel of specialist providers take your unique circumstances into account when providing a quote.

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