Car Insurance for People with Convictions

A driving conviction is any type of motor related offence where you’re caught and charged for it. This can be anything from a speeding conviction to jumping a red light or drink driving.

Factors insurance providers take into account

You might worry about how having a driving conviction on your record might affect your ability to find car insurance at a reasonable price. Insurance providers will certainly take driving convictions into account as it means you’re a greater risk. However it’s not the only factor that matters. Insurance providers will also consider –

  • The value of your vehicle
  • Your age
  • Where the car is kept
  • How it’s used

Does the type of conviction matter?

Yes, most insurance providers will take the type of conviction you have into account when calculating the price of your policy. For example, a drink driving offence will be treated much more seriously than a single speeding conviction.

Should I always declare a conviction?

Insurance providers will usually require you to declare any driving convictions you have had in the past 5 years. If you withhold this information then it’s very possible that your policy could be made void. Not only this, but if you were to make a claim and it was discovered that you have a driving conviction then your insurance provider may demand that you return the money that was paid out for the claim.

How to avoid a conviction

It’s not always possible to avoid a conviction but sometimes you may be offered an alternative to a fine or receiving points on your licence. For example, you may be able to complete a National Speed Awareness Scheme course that will help you to avoid getting points on your licence. It is worth pointing out however, that some insurance providers may still take your speeding offence into account, even if you didn’t receive points on your licence as a result.

Finding car insurance with a driving conviction

When you’re looking for car insurance online, you may find that the quotes you’re offered are very high as a result of your driving conviction. Because online quote forms use an automated system, the severity of your conviction may not be taken into account and therefore the rates you’re offered are inflated. Because of things like this, it’s much better to seek car insurance from a specialist insurance provider for those with driving convictions.

Specialist insurance providers have experience in devising policies that take each person’s unique circumstances into account. If you’ve only had one motoring conviction and it was for something relatively minor then it’s not far that you are quoted the same price as someone who’s been convicted of something more serious such as drink driving. Specialist providers will take this kind of thing into account and be able to offer you a fair quote as a result.