Getting Insurance When You’ve Been Caught Speeding

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Speeding is by far the most common type of driving offence in the UK, for both men and women. There are speed cameras everywhere in the UK so if you drive in excess of the speed limit then you’re very likely to be caught. Although some people speed as a matter of habit, there are plenty of people who have a speeding conviction for whom speeding is not normal behaviour. Unfortunately, in the eyes of most insurance providers, the reason you were speeding is not of importance.

When it comes to getting insurance when you have a speeding conviction, it can be easy to assume that it will be impossible to get a quote for a reasonable price. It’s certainly true that a lot of insurance providers will charge significantly more for people who have a motoring conviction, if they offer a policy at all. The good news is that there are specialist providers of car insurance for people who have a speeding conviction. These providers will take your unique circumstances into account and offer a quote that’s fair based on the severity of your conviction.

Speeding convictions

Below are the two most common speeding convictions –

  • SP30 – Exceeding statutory speed limit on a public road – This conviction is when you’re caught going over the speed limit on a public road. You may be caught by a speed camera or pulled over by the police. If you’re caught speeding then you face a minimum of a £100 fine and 3 point on your licence.
  • SP50 – Exceeding speed limit on a motorway – Speeding on a motorway is the second most common motoring conviction in the UK. You can get up to 6 points on your licence for this offence and it will stay on your record for 4 years from the date of the offence.

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