If you have had your licence revoked following a drunk driving charge then you may be worried about the consequences of this conviction insurance wise. Your insurance after drink driving may not be the same.

You are right to be concerned in one way as companies may see you as a future risk and up your premiums as they can’t say it will never happen again. On the plus side there are ways you can cut the cost of your insurance after a drunk driving charge, and here’s a few ways in how you can do this.

Shop Around for Better Drink Driving Insurance QuotesDrink Driving Car Insurance

When the time comes that your ban has expired and you are able to drive again you will probably get in touch with your old insurance company first and tell them. The chances are however that this will be one of the most expensive quotes you will get. It’s time to hit the internet and those comparison sites to see what deals you can get. There are even specialist companies out there for those have had this conviction. Remember to always be honest however as if you don’t reveal you have this charge on your driving record and it comes out further down the line not only will your insurance be invalid but you could also be prosecuted.

Take the Course to Lower Drink Driving Car Insurance

Along with your conviction, which will probably be a revoking of your licence and a fine, you will be offered the chance to take a drink driving rehabilitation course. This isn’t free but if you compare the cost of this against the increase in your premium for the next 5 years or so it is money well spent. No, it will not bring your premium down the level it was before your conviction but better to pay an extra 25% than 50%.

Back up the Online Quote

When you apply for an online quote the questions are very broad to cover as many people as possible. However, the details of your conviction maybe completely different from the guy in the next town but you will receive the same quote. Give the company who has provided the quote a ring and see if your circumstances warrant the cost coming down a bit. Being marginally over the limit from the night before is still wrong but is looked on more favourably than having 5 pints down the pub and then getting behind the wheel.

Wait it Out – Insurance after Drink Driving will Be Higher

If you are in no hurry to get back behind the wheel, and have got rid of your car, then it could well be worth your while waiting. Depending on insurers you have to wait between 3 and 5 years before declaring your conviction. If this doable and you feel you can live without having a car for this length of time then its well worth doing. Points, on the other hand, which are also given in cases of severe convictions, hang around for 11 years, so you may have to bite the bullet and follow one of our other tips above if you have been given points on your licence.

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