If you have had your licence revoked following a drink driving charge, you may be worried about the impact of this conviction on the cost of your car insurance with a drink driving conviction.

You are right to be concerned as some companies will view you as a higher risk, and will therefore boost your premiums. On the plus side, there are ways you can cut the cost of your car insurance after a drink driving charge. Here are our top tips:

Shop around Drink Driving Car Insurance

When your driving ban expires and you’re allowed back on the road, you will likely find your old insurance provider will offer you some of the highest quotes you receive. It’s time to get online and compare the different deals available to you. Specialist car insurance with convictions providers can offer you multiple quotes, tailored to your individual circumstances at a fair price. Always be honest about your convictions when applying for insurance, as failing to declare them will invalidate your insurance, and you could be prosecuted.

Take a rehabilitation course

Along with your sentence for drink driving, you will be offered the chance to take a drink driving rehabilitation course. This isn’t free but if you compare the cost of this against the increase in your premium for the next five years or so it is money well spent. It won’t bring your premium down to the level it was before your conviction, but it will make a big difference.

Back up the online quote

When you apply for a quote online the questions you will be asked are very broad, so they can cover as many people as possible. However, while the details of your conviction may be completely different from another guy in the next town, you could receive the same quote. It’s worth calling the insurance provider to talk through your circumstances and see if this brings down the cost of their quote. Being marginally over the limit from the night before is still illegal, but it is generally considered more favourably than having five pints down the pub and getting behind the wheel.

Wait it out – Insurance after drink driving will be higher

If you are in no hurry to start driving again, and you no longer have a car, it could well be worth your while waiting. Depending on insurers, you have to wait between three and five years for your conviction to be spent, before you no longer have to declare your conviction. If you can live without a car for this length of time then it’s well worth doing. Points, on the other hand, which are also given in cases of severe convictions, hang around for 11 years, so you may have to bite the bullet and follow one of our other tips to get cheaper car insurance.

Why not get in touch with us for a better drink driving car insurance quote and for more tips on how to cut your costs?