About us

What is Conviction Insure?

Conviction Insure allows UK drivers to obtain car insurance with motoring convictions, criminal convictions car insurance and previous financial problems car insurance (eg bankruptcy, IVA etc) to obtain and compare insurance quotes in a quick and easy manner. Your details are forwarded to a panel of Insurance specialists to give you access to multiple quotes without having to do the legwork. The panel of insurance providers can offer cover for almost any type of criminal and motoring convictions including DR10, SP50, CD10 etc together with cover for people who are bankrupt or in an IVA.

How does Conviction Insure Work?

All you have to do to get quotes is click the green quote button on one of the insurance pages. You’ll then be asked for some basic information about yourself and what you want from your policy. After the panel of specialist insurance providers have contacted you, just browse through the quotes you’re given and decide which one is right for you.